Turner Pain & Wellness Center


Our patients are amateur and professional athletes, young competitors, active adults, and sports enthusiasts.
We also support patients in recovery from surgery, accidents and illness.


My name is Tom Zbikowski as member of the NFL Baltimore Ravens and former Notre Dame Captain and professional boxer. I would like to thank Dr. Turner and the team at Turner Pain and Wellness Center for helping me to become a stronger and more efficient athlete. I do my off season football and boxing training at their facility as well as getting my injuries addressed. Their progressive approach to functional training and rehab which includes exotic ply metrics, yoga, ART has made me faster, quicker and more durable. My team mates with Notre Dame and the Baltimore Ravens have had the same experience and frequent this top rate facility and team of doctors and therapists.Tom Zbikowski, NFL Baltimore Ravens
I have been coming to Dr. Turner for the last 2 years, as a professional football player injuries aches and pains are par for the course. In order to stay on top of my game I rely on Dr Turner and his team’s expertise. He does not just look at the acute injury; rather he looks at the whole body to find the source. His approach creates synergy in my body enabling me perform at the most efficient level for my craft.“J” Leman Minnesota Vikings
I don’t say this comment lightly: the Turner Pain and Wellness Center is the best physical therapy clinic I’ve ever been to. The service is consistently outstanding; the front desk folks are always pleasant and courteous; the therapists are outstanding; Dr. Turner and the other doctors always patiently and professionally teach me about my diagnosis, therapy options and issues, next steps, etc. I couldn’t be happier with the care and the treatment!Bruce Besanko, CFO, OfficeMax
Mark, I really appreciate my 2 initial appointments with you. Your assessment, explanations and treatments were just what I needed. Staci, Dan and the rest of the staff are very skilled and helpful. By the way, I’m writing this from Jordan where I rode my camel today at Petra!Rev. John Walker
I will always be grateful for your “strong” message to go get an MRI of my back. I feel it was an answer to prayers that I had made an appointment to come see you early in February about my knee. Had it not been for your keen observation that my leg was atrophying, I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten the much needed surgery in time to prevent permanent damage. How my life would have been so radically different! And not for the better..
I’ve known you since your office was on Ogden Ave., so it has been a very long time, and trust your judgment. I didn’t even get my usual 3 opinions before getting back surgery. You said Dr. Chenelle was the best and that’s all I needed. You were the only professional out of 6 that realized there had to be more to my chronic pain. I hadn’t been able to exercise at that point for over a year and was becoming more sedentary every week and depressed. It’s been four months since Dr. Chenelle did his magic and I have to say life is getting back to normal. I joined Edward Health and Fitness so I could use the weight machines to rebuild my leg muscles. Please tell everyone that I appreciate all their encouragement and help with my intense rehab…
I could never have done it without them! Thanks again for being a ‘healer’ and not just a doctor.
Diane Bubeck

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